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4.0°C NW at 17km/h

Ethically produced pasture raised EGGS

Eagles Range is a gorgeous 120 acre farm located in Jindabyne with amazing views of the Snowy Mountains. Using traditional natural farming techniques and rotational grazing, we are learning about and practicing regenerative agriculture. We farm without chemicals.

As a small family farm, we keep Heritage Hens. These traditional purebred (and some heritage cross-breds) produce a rainbow of coloured eggs. Keeping heritage hens isn't just about the beauty of their coloured eggs; it's also about preserving history and connecting with traditional farming practices.

We also keep Isa Browns (a hybrid breed) that are the most wonderful egg layers. Our layers are housed in chicken caravans which we tow around the farm to practice rotational grazing. The girls get to graze and forage all the time. With less than 100 chooks per hectare, these girls produce eggs which are "better than free-range."

Home on the Range

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"Fascinating Rainbow Eggs" Sarah

The kids were so fascinated by all the different coloured eggs, but they were also truly delicious. Next time we visit Jindabyne we will be making sure we get some more. We just can't get eggs like this in Sydney. What a taste difference. Thanks so much

"The best eggs we have had" Katie and Ben

There is nothing like fresh farm eggs and the eggs from Eagles range are the best! So great to see that the chickens are so happy grazing around the pastures.