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8.5°C WNW at 7km/h

The Farm

Eagles Range is a 120 acre farm with sweeping views of the Snowy Mountains, from Mt Kosciuszko in the south west to Mt Kalkite in the north west. From the homestead there are direct views to Mt Perisher, Blue Cow and Guthega. The high country and rich Snowy Monaro pastures are wonderful for grazing and producing high quality produce.

Pastured Eggs. Natural, regenerative farming

Pasture-raised eggs are renowned for their exceptional nutritional profile. They are richer in essential nutrients like vitamins (A, D, E, and B-complex), minerals (such as calcium and selenium), and omega-3 fatty acids. This increased nutritional content is a direct result of the hens' natural foraging, which includes a diverse diet of insects, plants, and seeds, in addition to their specially formulated feed.

Pasture-raised eggs are known for their superior taste and texture. Hens that forage in pastures produce eggs with a richer, creamier yolk and a firmer egg white. These eggs have a unique and robust flavour that sets them apart from other types of eggs, making them a favourite among food enthusiasts and chefs alike.

Choosing pasture-raised eggs supports a more ethical and sustainable approach to egg production. Hens raised in pasture-based systems have the freedom to roam outdoors, exhibit natural behaviours, and enjoy a higher quality of life. This contrasts with conventional factory farming, where hens are often confined to overcrowded barns or even cages . Even the term "Free Range" is deceptive because it can allow up to 10,000 hens per hectare. We have less than 100 chooks per hectare. When hens are raised in a more natural environment, they are healthier and happier.

We move the chicken caravans every few days, so the chickens get access to fresh pasture. However this rotational grazing process, means that the chickens scratch up and fertilise all the pasture and this is amazing for the land and regenerating our farm. The chooks are protected by movable solar powered electric netting and our guardian alpacas.

Spectacular Views

The rolling paddocks of Eagles Range provide us with endless beauty wherever we turn.

The farm has spectacular sweeping views of the entire main range, from Mt Kosciuszko to Mt Kalkite. There is also 1km of creek frontage, to Sugarloaf Creek, which provides the sweetest, crystal clear, alpine drinking water and is a first order stream feeding the Snowy River. We have a sneaky little trout fishing spot on our creek. Once part of the Crackenback gold fields, the farm is at an elevation of nearly 1200m. We have an abundance of wildlife and lots of deer on the property. There are 3 large dams.

We get snow fall several times during winter. We are half an hour from the two major ski resorts of Perisher and Thredbo and can sit on the verandah at night and watch the lights of the groomers working the snow and watch the fireworks over the resorts. The high elevation and cold climate allow us to grow amazing quality produce. Our chooks have fantastic views!

Meet the locals

On the farm you will find many different animals. We have Percy the Peacock and two peahens, alpacas, two blue cattle dogs, two poddy steers, 4 guinea fowl, 1 drake, 3 Australian Stock horses (which we show) and 1 Thoroughbred (the world's worst racehorse). As well as the animals we have large vegetable gardens, fruit trees and a gorgeous glasshouse to help raise seedlings in our cool climate. We have a trout stream.

You may get to view the resident wedge tail eagles as they soar over the property. Eagles build their nests on the highest vantage point of the landscape. Thankfully our alpacas are used as guardians to protect our chickens.

There is lots of wildlife and kangaroos will come right up to the homestead. Crimson rosellas, cockatoos (black and white) and galahs will visit the feeders at the farmstay. There are wombats down near the creek and echidnas often wander around the garden. As well as the natives there are many wild deer roaming the property.

High Country produce

We grow our own vegetables and fruit; the high country and cool climate are wonderful for producing high quality produce with exceptional flavour. Around the homestead gardens are lots of herbs for our farmhouse kitchen.