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Egg production

Our beautiful pasture raised eggs

13 November 2023

Arrival of the Isa Browns

There's something truly special about the anticipation of welcoming new members to the farm family, especially when they come with the promise of delicious, farm-fresh eggs. We recently had the pleasure of introducing a new flock of 468, 16... more

26 October 2023

Heritage Hens: A Rainbow of Coloured Eggs

In today's world of industrialised agriculture and mass production, the significance of heritage hens and their beautifully coloured eggs often gets overlooked. Heritage hens are a valuable resource not only for their history and genetic diversity... more

9 September 2023

Egg-citing Times on the Farm

As the seasons change and the days grow longer, there's something egg-citing happening on our farm. Our lovely heritage hens are just coming into lay, and we are all bursting with anticipation. Before we dive into the egg-laying adventure,... more

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