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Happy Hens

Arrival of the Isa Browns

13 November, 2023  |  Chickens, Eggs, Farm, Farmlife, Free Range, Pasture Raised, Snowy Mountains

There's something truly special about the anticipation of welcoming new members to the farm family, especially when they come with the promise of delicious, farm-fresh eggs. We recently had the pleasure of introducing a new flock of 468, 16 week old Isa Browns to our pastures, marking the beginning of an exciting journey toward sustainable and ethical egg production and our mission of providing high-quality, pastured eggs.

Our Isa Browns arrived at our farm just on dusk. Housed in a specially designed chicken caravan, these feathered friends were put straight into their new home. The caravan provides them with a comfortable and secure environment, complete with roosts, nesting boxes, and ample space for
happy, healthy chickens.

Isa Brown chickens are renowned for their gentle nature, excellent egg-laying capabilities, and adaptability to various environments - qualities that make them perfect for our pasture-based farming model. Originating from France, these hybrid birds are prized for their abundance of brown eggs. Their inquisitive personalities and social nature make them a joy to observe as they explore their new surroundings, foraging for insects and enjoying the freedom of the pasture.

One of the core principles of our farm is to prioritise animal welfare and environmental sustainability. By allowing our chickens to roam freely on pasture, they have access to a natural diet rich in insects, seeds, and grasses, which not only enhances the flavour and nutritional value of their eggs but also promotes their overall well-being. Pasture-raised eggs have been shown to contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants compared to eggs from conventionally raised hens.

Pasture-raised eggs are not only superior in taste and quality but also come from hens that enjoy a higher quality of life compared to those confined to factory farms. The decision to raise our Isa Brown chickens on pasture aligns with our commitment to sustainable agriculture and ethical animal husbandry. Additionally, by utilising rotational grazing practices, we can improve our soil health, sequester carbon, and promote biodiversity on our farm.

By supporting small-scale, pasture-based farms like ours, you're not just purchasing eggs - you're investing in sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, and the preservation of traditional farming practices.

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