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13 November 2023

Arrival of the Isa Browns

There's something truly special about the anticipation of welcoming new members to the farm family, especially when they come with the promise of delicious, farm-fresh eggs. We recently had the pleasure of introducing a new flock of 468, 16... more

9 September 2023

Egg-citing Times on the Farm

As the seasons change and the days grow longer, there's something egg-citing happening on our farm. Our lovely heritage hens are just coming into lay, and we are all bursting with anticipation. Before we dive into the egg-laying adventure,... more

28 April 2022

Autumn colours 2022

The farm is flushed with a blaze of autumn colour. Everywhere I turn is a photographer's dream, with beautiful golden and red glowing subjects. Here is a snapshot of this year's autumn display. PHOTO1 PHOTO2 PHOTO3 PHOTO4 PHOTO5 PHOTO6... more

15 January 2022

Summer Harvest

Here we are in the thick of summer enjoying our beautiful farm fresh vegetables. Our vegetable gardens have absolutely loved the rainy summer, although many plants struggled to establish. The rain and cool weather was tough on tomatoes and our... more

5 December 2021

Proud as a peacock

Percy the peacock is a very cheeky resident of Eagles Range. He loves being around people and will come and sit at our door each morning. He also loves hanging out with the horses and it is quite entertaining to watch him taunt and tease Clem.... more

1 November 2021

Horse tales

If you visit Eagles Range, you will likely meet our horses. The three black horses are Australian Stock Horses and the bay horse is a Thoroughbred, ex racehorse. Australian Stock Horses have a long history in Australia; the "Walers" of the Lighthorse... more

14 October 2021

The beauty of spring

I have put together a little collection of snapshots that capture Eagles Range in the spring. The homestead and gorgeous mountain views have been framed by blossoms. The pastures are vibrant green as they burst back into life after the cold... more

1 October 2021

Project kitchen garden

We have been busy getting some raised beds ready for spring planting. I have a bunch of seedlings growing in the cold frames. I have started lots of seeds inside on heat mats and also have a cold frame set up with heat mats to extend the growing... more

1 September 2021

Wattle time

The 1st of September is Wattle day in Australia. The glorious golden wattles signal the start of spring. These beautiful natives are dotting the landscape with the gold and green colours of Australia. PHOTO1 It's early spring on... more

9 June 2021

Winter Wonderland

An early snowfall in June covered Eagles Range. The beauty of the snow created a true winter wonderland. We had about 20-30 centimetres at the farm. A few tree branches came down under the weight of the snow but what a beautiful sight PHOTO1... more

10 April 2021

Autumn colours 2021

I think Autumn may be my favourite season. I just love the perfect days and cool evenings. The farm has changed into a blaze of autumn colour. PHOTO1 PHOTO2 PHOTO3 PHOTO4 more

31 March 2021


At an altitude of 1111 metres and with spectacular panoramic views of the Snowy Mountains, we get to see some amazing sunsets at Eagles Range. Here is a little photo snapshot of our amazing mountain sky. PHOTO1 PHOTO2 PHOTO3 PHOTO4 PHOTO5... more

24 March 2021

Homestead renovations - the bedrooms

We have freshened up the bedrooms in the homestead ready to welcome our first guests to Eagles Range. Take a look at the before and after shots and let me know what you think? Bedroom 1 is located upstairs and has 4 single beds, an ensuite... more

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